Strength: 16 Dexterity: 16 (17)Gauntlets of Dexterity Constitution: 16 Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 15 Weapons; Elvin Long Sword +2 Short Sword (Kalytsi) +1 / +2 vs. Shadows. Short Bow, Sheaf Arrows (20), Dagger Magical Items: Guantlets of Dexterity, Kalyzti Short Sword, Elvin Long Sword, Elvin Ring of protection. Armor; Leather , Small shield. Non – weapon Proficiencies; singing, disguise, forgery, seamanship, Weapon Proficiencies; short sword, short bow, long sword, vacant slot. Languages; common, elvish, dwarvin, orcish, halfling Travel weight is about 47 pounds. GP: 686 SP: 534 PP: 14 1 moonstone(50gp)

Party Treasure: The Reavers Mirror, 9 gems(un audited) 247PP, 2 gold bars (300gp ea.) 200 PP of elvin mint, Oil painting depicting elf ranger slaying dozens of Neogi, shadow in a jar, copper tinder box engraved, silver amulet, small wooden box containing 9 waxy orbs, small ivory carving of a coiled snake,


Zilmar Shimon – High Elf of Cairnspeak Thief – 9th Level

Born to father Nolason and mother Grimselah in the port city of Cainspeak where the family had a middle class dwelling thanks to the hard work at sea by the patriarch of the family.

Zilmar worked with his brother Scerlof who owns a trading company specializing in transport of raw goods overseas. The two men had an up and coming business and dreamed of a small fleet of ships transporting Cairnspeak’s resources all over the world. One-day long ago Z’s father never returned from sea and was proclaimed missing and presumed dead. Z always loathed his uncle for the mistreatment of his father and plea’s with the maker to give him an opportunity for revenge.

Z went to work on the ships at a young age due to his father’s absence and the necessity of providing for his mother and brother. His brother joined the men at sea a couple years later. Z started as a deck hand and gradually worked up to regular seaman. He found himself on ships doing card tricks and slight of hand tricks for the other crew. Sneaking around the ship late at night Z would steal food and any gold or silver left about to take home to his mom. After a couple years Z realized he wasn’t going anywhere and his uncle was holding him down so he deserted only to be persuaded back by his uncle through the torture of his younger brother. Z returned and rescued his brother and setting out to start their own shipping company.

Z knows he can make a living in the city as a trader or moneychanger to scrape enough money together to keep his mom’s apartment and put food on the table. Z has also made attempts to contact the local thieves’ guild to no avail. Z knows that to achieve his true goals of power and influence he must set out on his own and see what adventure and opportunity might present itself…

Stories told at the Maidensport by Z

Adventures of Zilmar.

It was the first week of September and the Z was having a couple beers down at the Maidensport with some fellow thugs and thieves who frequented the place. The others are telling stories of great stealth and swift hands and Z does his best not to snicker because when he tells his stories the jaws will drop at the table around him. The haggard faced human across the table finishes his story about an invisible thief and Z speaks up and says – “if you want to hear a story about an invisible heist you blokes should listen up” and goes on to tell the story of the sinking of the Waves Grace and the battle that insued in the the hull of the old boat. “We approach the Grace in the middle of the night, the mage had cast invisibility on me so I was to go aboard first and check out the situation, not too mention throwing down a ladder for all the clumsy folk I tend to travel with. I climbed aboad and headed to the hull of the ship where I encountered to Ogrelons guarding a door and potentially another dark crystal. I approached the 2 beasts from behind and readied my Kalyzti blade far above my head and brought it down straight through his neck killing the poor bastard in one visious strike. I swung around the attack the other just as Boru was clammering down the stairs. Between the two of us and one more masterful swing of my short sword we made quick work of this SOB. Then just as I thought the crystal was mine a brush of air whipped by my head cause by the swinging of a short sword by no one else but my hated fuckin uncle. I swung back taking him to his knees on the first hit and finishing him off on the second. Which reminds me….any of your sorry blokes wanna make a little gold? There were a set of bracers on my uncle which were taken by a powerful ranger, if you can recover these for me I would make it worth your while. But when Victor asks me to take care of business that is exactly what I do. When we returned to the Maidensport Victor asked for me personally and provided me with weapons far superior to those you low lifes are using, not to mention the gold and treasure we found on our travels. After that we were sitting around having a couple more ales to celebrate the victory aboard the Waves Grace and we were summoned to the Abbey by Claymore and his crist lovvin buddies. When we arrived we were told of a journal that had been lost near Urakur for millenia, and of course he wanted it back. Gretamere and Ethan were so goddamn worried about this journal that they asked me if I could steal it when we found it so no one else in the party would be able to read it…and of course I obliged. Those two are such pussies sometime, like everytime we come across a crystal Ethan wants to keep it, like WTF! I just pull out my trusty blade and smash it bits. Fuck those shadows – want to taste my steel tongue? Anyway so we’re off to talk to Lara to give us a ride up to Urakur. We arrive with no trouble at all and I cant wait to get into that evil city and see what its all about. Of course none of my party members want to go near the place so they send me in invisible….again. Not only did I go into the keep invisible, I went on the Waves crest and across the bridge into Urakur. Once we were there Victor send word that his son had been captured and it might be a good idea if we bring him home. So Gretemere and I went into the city and fought our way to the jail just in time to free Ryan and send him out of town down the river. Gret’s and I got the hell outta there asap, it’s one evil place even for a mean SOB like myself. Then we were off to the lighthouse were I had the idea to push the catapults into the ocean, which in the end was a damn good idea because the city was not able to attach Lara when she came to pick us up a few days later. I also located this spy glass up there…pretty sweet eh boys, I figure it to be worth about a thousand GP’s. After it was all said and done up there I had destroyed another crystal and gone first without hesitation into the city, into the marina where I killed an Orog with one backstab, and had the idea to drop the catapults into the water.

Off to the Elvin Cemetary…

June27, ‘10 5.2.10. The party found itself at the bottom of a troll cave with a bunch of Dwarven soldiers stuck on a shelf above. Z could hardly remember how they came to find themselves in this position but he knew he wanted to escape from this wretched cave immediatly. He spoke up that the party had to get out of the cave and assend the cave that ran parallel to the shelf the dwarves were stuck on. The party headed of the long way around the cave and came to a giant boulder at the top. We killed a Troll and headed down the cavern to save the dwarves who had been enslaved by the trolls for a long time. The dwarves knew of Trader Dale who we found out is one of few elves living outside of Aluthenia. We asked the dwarves if they knew where to find Theridium and they told us the mountains to the east. Z suggested to the Dwarves that there may be a time in the near future where war may be neccesary and we would expect their support. They were unsure and we bode farwell.

The party headed off to the western path, the weather was aweful with blowing snow and cold frosty weather. We ponder the stories the Dwarves told us about the dragon named Smoke and the evil elvin wizardness Tar Storm ruled the elves. Mayarivas is a legendary wizardness who we think is good. We just cant seem to find her…always being misled by the evil Tar storm.

Then we came across the displacer beasts and Z went to town hitting everything in sight killing one or two himself. We saved Uridon and he gave us the Reavers Mirror. It is a mirrow of true seeing so we will be able to confirm Mayarivas if we ever find her.

A cabin was ahead in a clearing and it was time to slay some Mombats, Then Boru spoke of a crazy dream he had where an elvish women in white robes was floating in front of a tall white tower with spiral minarets, and mountains in the background. We would have to head east and south through the dead knarled forest to get to the white tower.

5.15.10. Z is weilding his long sword while carrying his small sheild for the most part and feeling confident in his abilities to arrive undetected in crucial battles and clashes with foes of the party.

The party heads off west on a gloomy day in the third week of October, 2 weeks are left until winter. Aife looks like a knight and Z sneaks up to see 6 elvin rangers talking in the forest. Z approaches the elves thinking they are his allies but soon realizes he may have got more info if he had stayed in the forest. He does manage to sqeaze out of them the news of the prince Hagan returning to the city of Aluthenia. We are not sure if the Hagen is going to stop the war or help to push the elves and the city of Aluthenia to the brink of joining the great war. The Rangers spoke of two things, 1.Lost a man in the deep woods and bring back the ring of Baylo for voucher from the rangers, 2. Human Soldier from Karak and women in robes looking for us.

We headed off and came across a small clearing just southwest from the Nagys and umberhulk den and they attacked us. Gredimere hit with a thundering lightning bolt and charred the monsters while Z came in swinging his Long sword for a couple lethal hits. Z killed 2 nagys and 1 umberhulk…the forest continued to get deader and more knarled.

A large clearing was next and a high pitched noise which only Z was able to save, all others were paralyzed. A large bird like swooping flying mantaray – Mombats. The wings are cut off by Ethan after the battle. Z is aware the the ring helped to keep him free from paralysis by either increasing his ability to save or resisting the paralysis itself. While Z pondered the value of his unfamiliar ring we came across a huge slug like swamp monster. Z ducked into the side road while the spell casters both fired off lightning bolts which were promptly sucked into the monster and it seemed to grow in size each time. This gigantic threatened the party in a big way and Z pops out for the back stab which he hits on. Z is hit on the counter attack and is sucked into the monster and on the first attempt escapes (5%) chance. Z is so proud of his blend of strength and dexterity shown by getting out of the swamp monster and hitting him with a back stab.

A huge tower surrounded by elves in black robes and what looked like a fire elemental blocking the door stood in front of the party. Z was pretty disheartened to see such a force ammassed at the door of the tower we thought would house Mayarivas. There was no way we were going near that tower an decided as a party to head north to the elvin city of Aluthenia.

Z is well aware of the power the party holds and is setting out to find the true powers of not only the ring on his finger but all the interesting treasures the party has already accumulated. It must all go together somehow, the mirror, the painting, the jar, the orbs, and a couple carvings. Who will we meet in Aluthenia, will we meet Hagen? Smoke the Dragon? Tar-Storm? We need to stop the powers of evil continue to hold Cairnspeak under darkness and we must stop Titas and his dark plans for the power of monochrome humans.

Aluthenia and beyond we will forge a path of adventuring and exporing, weapons drawn and minds open.

July 17th – well last time Z headed out on the campaign trail it was june 27th yet in the monochromatic world near Aluthenia it was late fall with winter setting in quickly. The adventure started in the south woods and with three major battles and the distribution of magic and gold left the party in Aluthenia.

July 18th, Summary of tonights adventure from Z’s perspective:

Quest – Today we found out that 2000 years ago the worlds split and that was the familiar guy in the woods Eldrin Drake and his wife Dawn. He was a wizard and his wife died and he tried to bring her back to life. We want to ask this guy more about the cataclysm.

Quest – The Prince was brought back to Aluthenia by the King against his own will and is being held in the tower in solitary confinement. The King is not letting anyone talk to the son either. The head of security is nervous abou the king not acting right. Theid is currently attacking the city to try and get the prince back or send a message that they will escalate the attack. We need to keep an eye on the Prince so Theid does not re-capture him; and keep watch over the King to make sure he is not assisinatied.

Quest – Mae Rivas has three sacred groves which have activation posts (we have visited one of the groves in the south woods on the path back to Aluthenia) that require one of three specific Keys – Cresent Moon (in our possesion), 8 pronged star, and a sun (circular). When all in position at the same time it opens a portal to a different plane or dimension where Mae Rivas resides.

Whats going on with the prince and whats the kings plan? The festival will bring answers to these questions…


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