The Abandoned Kalyzti Village on Lake Loramir
Latesummer Week 2

Important info gained: Giobehn and his people, the Kalyzti, have some knowledge of shadows dating back to the fall of Old City. He has directed you to an abandoned Kalyzti village for knowledge of the shadows.

Living nearby is an old Kalyzti woman named Alyona, from a different clan than Giobehn. She offered the party an old stone tablet from the human barbarians prior to year 0. She also identified a sword the party found as of Kalyzti origin.

Alyona says her bloodline has the ability to see shadows and destroy them. However, she doen’t know anything about crystals.

Millgard's Troubled Times / Orogs Take it by a Beak
Latesummer Week 1

Important info gained: Millgard was a member of the city guard, commanded by Lord Kuromane’s authority to use his ship to pick up a load from nearby. He swears that he did not know the cargo was bugbears and mercenaries and went into hiding subsequent to the massacre at the warehouse.

He was eventually caught and had his shadow drawn out from him in the basement of the Velvet Pouch. It slit his throat, seemed to become corporeal, and was drawn into the dark crystal. When the party returned to the site, the basement was locked and the crystal gone(?)

Claymore’s little sister Bellany was also taken by Orogs and, at the last minute, was also strippd of her shadow and drawn into a dark crystal. Boru was somehow able to shatter it.

Millgard's Mystical Cargo
Midsummer Week 4

Important info gained: Five more dark crystals have been smuggled into the city.

The powerful dark mage has obtained the crystals and appears to have access to the city’s jails.

A fresh tunnel is being dug from here, but it can’t be determined where to.

Spectral Maze of the Blackwoods
Midsummer Week 3

Important info gained: Dark crystals exist with the purpose of extracting a being’s shadow. If the shadow is killed in close proximity to its host, it returns to the being leaving them unharmed.

A dark mage may be responsible for planting the crystals. Orcs, ogres, and owlbears are amassing in the Blackwoods north of Cairnspeak.

Lord Kuromane may have sent you into a trap?

Blackout at Lighthouse Abbey
Midsummer Week 2

Young priest Vessus Claymore is sent to investigate some suspicious happenings at the Lighthouse Abbey. He stops off at the Dawnwater Inn to track down Boru, a warrior priest from the outlying farmlands, that he’s recently met as a visitor to Cairnspeak. Overhearing their exchange, the elven thief Zilmar, gambling and womanizing wizard Gredamir, and Cyrian, a warrior deluded into the belief he is a minotaur, decide to come along for the adventure. Approaching Lighthouse Abbey, normally uninhabited save for the elderly Rector Craven, the heros find the Abbey door’s bashed in—orc raiders have intruded the Lighthouse and work feverishly to put out the light. Though they’ve sabotaged the gearworks and stopped the great lamp from turning, they cannot extinguish the light and have tried to hood it with large sacks. The heros battle in the watery gear room, the lamp room, and even the dining hall; they sneak past a fireside group of drunken ogres and haul coal and water around the Abbey. Though Flith the Half-Ogre was defeated, the Rector could not be saved, slain before the group could arrive. The light shone on, however, and the party watched a pirate raiding ship flee the bay far beneath their cliffside vantage.

Important info gained: A force of Orcs and Ogres has organized to attempt an marine attack on a ship or ships. This sort of aggression has not been seen since the last war.


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