War Priest - Berserker



Strength: 17 Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 12 Intelligence: 11 Wisdom: 16 Charisma: 13 Weapons; Battle Axe (Kalytsi)+2 Short sword Armor; Plate Mail of Augmentation(+4 on CLW spells) , medium shield. Non – weapon Proficiencies; land based riding, reading / writing, religion, animal handling Weapon Proficiencies; short sword, battle axe, long bow Order of the Sun Medallion,

Languages; common, elvish, dwarvin, Travel weight is about 65 pounds.

Spheres Major:Combat and Healing Minor: Protection and Necromatic Spells: 1st 5 max magical stone, bless, invisibility to undead, cure light wounds 2nd 5 max chant, slow poison, resist cold, aid, withdraw, 3rd 3 max prayer, cure paralysis, dispel magic, cure diseas, remove curse 4th 1 max cure serious wounds,


Boru War Priest Religion: Cairnspeak Common Sect: War – A sect of the church dedicated to ravenge against the orcs.

As a small boy Boru’s village was sacked by orc invaders in the middle of the night and his whole village destroyed. His parents were both killed, his mother abused so bad Boru forever will be seeking to avenge her death and that of his family. Boru walked with the survivors until reaching the abbey a days hike away. Boru stayed there for a few years and was trained by the monks about religion and values. Boru was a good student and studied the religion rigorously and was rewarded with knowledge of four spheres of the faith. He also never forgot the pain inflicted on his family by the orcs and worked long and hard in the study of combat as well. That fateful night he lost everything the orc leader wielded a large battle axe and Boru never forgot the fear that weapon produced in his clan that he vowed to inflict the same fear in the eyes of his enemies with his own battle axe.

Boru is motivated by the desire to avenge the death of his family and make the valley safe for all villagers and common people. He believes that all should have the opportunity to live in peace under the protection of the state and church. Boru will bend the rules of the church to help it achieve its goal of peace, which can and will involve war. Boru is looked upon by the church as somewhat of a radical and / or warmonger but that is common of the sect of priests who fight on the frontlines for their own religion.

Beserker Priest:

First and foremost he’s a defender of his people. As a leader and protector of his culture and people he will do whatever it takes to free his people captured or in peril. This can compromise his party who has different goals but if Boru fails to help those in distress he feels that the gods will punish him severely. Bonus Proficiency: Endurance Special Benefit: +1 reaction adjustments, +3 among members of own culture. - 10 rounds to berserk, only 5 if another member of the church is there, can prepare to beserk and then hold taht ability for 1 turn before battle, can not stop fighting while beserking, gets 5 bonus HP’s but looses the ability to know how many HP’s he has, - -3 reaction adjustment to NPS in power, government officials.

Spell Spheres: Major: Combat, Healing. Minor: Protection, Necromantic

June 27, ‘10 With two weeks remaining before the winter sets in on monochrome world that Boru finds himself in he ponders the purpose of he and his party and their potential influence on the forces of dark like Titus, Tal Storm, and Smoke the Dragon. Boru has found his violent, warlike inner self and is determined to lay the wrath of his battle axe on the heads and torsos of foes. While beserking Boru feels that he is unstoppable and with the additional enegy comes better chances of defeating even the most heinous of enemies. Boru is so distraught by the forces of evil that is ready to beserk at a moments notice and smash all those in his way!

July 30th, ‘10 – Now that the celebrations are on in Aluthenia and Boru has contacted the elvin priests only to discover that the magic provided by the gods is not lessened for those who chose war as their diety. Boru has been praying to the gods to give him access to all spheres allowed by clerics of other divinations and it seems his wishes have been granted. Boru is looking forward to using these new powers to help his party find Mae Rivas, open the portal, kill smoke and the evil mage and return to Cairspeak…lets hope the maker is with him.


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