Forest Druid


CLASS: Druid HOMELAND: A forest grove ARMOR CLASS: 4 (with sheild+1).

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 15
Weapons; Scimitar, Quarter Staff, sword hilt with Druish Ruin (as Flame Blade 1d4+4).
Armor; Leather of disguise(+1), small wooden sheild.
Non – weapon Proficiencies: Swimming, healing, reading writing,
Weapon Proficiencies; Scimitar, Quarter Staff.
Languages; common, elvish, orcish, Druid,
Travel weight is about 60 pounds.

Spells; first level – 5, +2 Wisdom bonus = 7
second level – 4, +2 = 6
third level – 4
fourth level – 3
fifth level- 2
sixth level – 1*

Common studied spells while on adventure;
First level; CLW x 5, Farie Fire, Entangle.
Second level; Augury x 2, Charm person or mamal, trip, Speak with Animals x2.
Third level; Call Lightning, Pyrotecnics, Remove Paralysis x2
Fourth level; Cure serous wounds, Earth maw; Cure Critical Wounds, Giant Insect
Fifth Level; Cure Critical Wounds, Animal Growth, Animal Summoning II,
Sixth Level; Heal


In early summer she met her brother, and the following day the rest of the group, now her new freinds. Since then she has expereinced the dark corners of the city, a naval takeover, forest scraps, and many other great memories. Now stuck in the shodow world with the group, they search for a rare mineral, and an answer to many questions. She has learned much this year, now able to shapechange (which she does regularly), putting the lessons of her mother to good use. Brave with her scimitar and gifted at healing she feels she has held her end of the bargin. For now she feels they all have, each getting more powerful with each battle! The city has made her curious – it is not what she imagined. Despite the horrors of the chity, the people seem very interesting and not so different from the forest people. Zilmar and Gredimier do not seem untrustworthy, rude or bad for being from the city.

As the season changes to fall the group returns from Urk-Kur on a boat back to Cainspeak Aiofe embraces the sights and sounds of the coast. She is a forest druid, this experience of nature – the sea birds, smells, shorelines pounded by waves, they have been as fasinating as it was help slay an Ettin, Ogers, Orogs, and even a Wizard. The balance on this land is in danger! The human population has been compramized, the huminoid armies are nearing redieness to march. Cairnspeak is in need. This is most definatly a path she wishes to follow, along with her new freinds she beleives balance and peace can again be secured!

After only a short time back in Cairspeak Aifoe is again in battle. Titus, the evil mage has opened a portal. The kalyzti stronghold invaded, Afoie runs through a portal to avoid a fireball and crew find themselves in a different realm. They run to woods, fearing Titus. They are weak, and from a safe distance watch a monocoloured army from this colorless world march into Cairnspeak through a basement in the old city.

A couple of weeks later they find themselves back at the clearing in the elvish wood where they once believed there lived an old elven women named May Reaves. The group had been fooled, and done some tasks for her in return for her help to build a new crystal. Her cottage and garden now gone only a few days later. Her spells have grown in power, and her ability to shapechange make her able to heal others much more often. She always takes hits from the enemey, but dishes out much more than she takes! Balance must be returned, yet she does not even know what Titus desires? How to save the world? Time is not on their side she fears!

They have spent much time here,now in the Elf city for a week. She wishs to find the Elf who can make the ligh crystal. The politics of the city matter little to her, and continues to ask augury directed at the location of the last grove or stone. She worries in th woring of the questions and how she interpets them – does she hear what she wants to hear on complex questios. Her querstions will be simpler she decides.

As for the thing with the prince she considers the wording and answers to many questions this month. Aoife believes the world will give her signs, and so reflects on these things this night.
Thead has not attacked in centuries; why would the prince return, it seems without the consent of Thaed, and under strange circumstance. She does not undestand arcane magic, but does undestand that is what at play. What spell on the prince and to what end? Titus is involved how? What does Chancor Hesh have to do with things. Is the third grove in the city (palace?).
What powerful person they have met has a stone key? Is the religion a pupet of the king or a player in this game? Sleep will not come easy this night!


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