CLASS: Ranger HOMELAND: outskirts of Cairnspeak ARMOR CLASS: 4

Strength: 18 / 84
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 7

Weapons; Bastard Sword (Kalytsi) +1 / +2 vs. Shadows(THAC0 10). Elvish Short Sword +2 (THAC0 9), Short Bow (THACO 11), Sheaf Arrows, Flight Arrows.

Armor; Braces of Defense (AC5), Medium shield (normaly carried on his back).

Magic Stuff? Gaunlats of Gernades – 1l, 2m, 3s remaing. Sword Halft. Kalyzti Scout Charm (small bone amulet – 4hp/day of rest, 4 hours sleep and half food/water consumption).

Equiptment; Carried on a custom made pack. The outer layer is dropped during combat.

Non – weapon Proficiencies: Direction Sense (B), Trail Marking (B), foraging, hunting, reading writing, riding (horse)

Weapon Proficiencies; bastard sword, short sword, short bow, 2 slots empty.

Attacks 3/2 round.

Species Enemy; Orc kin

Languages; common, elvish,

Travel weight is about 100 pounds.


The party returnes from nearly a fortnight in and around Urk-Kur. Safley abord the small ship of Laura the Pirate, Ethan and his freinds begin to realize that war is near!

In early spring of this year Ethan met Gredimeir, Boru, Cyrian, and Z at an adventures bar in Cairnspeak. Not long after he met his half sister Aiofe, an asspireing young half-elf Druid. Their bond was quick and strong. Over the next few months the young and inexperinced group found themselves chasing dark crystals that stole shadows. From the city docks and dungeons, an old keep being restored by a dark mage, taking of dark Galleons, and eventually to great walls of the huminoid city of Urk-Kur.

Brother Claymore of the church had given the group a very old map, from the original war. In search of a journal and a small hammer, and of course great riches of gold and magic. The group beached some 15 kilometers south of a large river that flows into a bay near Urk-Kur. They headed west and crossed a main road – this old map appeared to be accurate! A strange encounter with wolves let the group to a band of Calitzi Rangers. They had been sent by Victor to scout the possibility of war…

Over the next eight days they accomplished all their goals, sacked the harbour (twice), the lighthouse and its giant catipolts, and rescued Victors nefew whom was one of the rangers. In the end they defeated a wizard and his giant body guard, however the main aggressor escaped. Ethan was relieved, he was badly wounded running down the stairs to what should have been his death. He felt that with this new found respect of the parties combat abilities would bring new dangerous ahead. All the more reason to spend the winter building up a small strong hold!

Back in Cairnspeak there was no time to rest. Ethan and friends were impressed by the underground bunker the Kalyzti had built beneith the old city. Then moments before they are to meat with Victor they are attacked in the hall by creatures which had dug through the earth to invade! After many battles the group, badley wounded, enter the final chamber. After anouther fight, they flee from a Fireball cast by Titus. Flee through a portal that Claymore had used moments earlier. Later that day from the relative saftey of the treeline, Ethan feels a lump in his throat as he watches Titus mounts a black Dragon and fly off in this monocolored world they now stand in.

The next encounter has troubled Ethan. An Orag has come to this plane as his opposite, now seems to have the powers and lawful morals of a Palidin? This Orag may live, taking healing spells from him was purely necessity. From there, the group found a mirror in the lands of some human like barbarian creatures, and left it with the Orag. The travel to the South of Lake Lorrimeir and rest at a old military outpost. Aifoe has gained the ability to shape change, Ethan sees her strength growing.

The group then heads towards the Elvish forest and city. The meet a Trader named Dale who informans them on the local politics, and sells the group warm, monocolered cloakes for the late fall weather, and disguise! He askes them to bring back wings of a bat and in return he would help us gain access to the city. On route the group happens along the residence of Maria, the elf they hoped to meet in these lands. She too has a quest for the group before any real help can be offered. They head off towards the elvish city, to explore the Tombs or the royal families…

Nearly a month a later they have lived in the city for a week. Prior to this they explored to the south of the river. They eventually found the Mombat wings for the Elf trader, and in reurn he gained them acces to the Elf City. Shortly after their arrival the city was attacked by wizards and elementals from the Tower of Thiets. The King of the City,King Kerrigan, granted th groups request for a meeting. He was freindly, but also vauge of many things. His son has recently returned, Prince Hogan.

The group has spent much of the past days unsure of what to do now. Through Auguary and minglin in the city they have learned some of the politics. They now the Prince is smehow magicaly effected in his mind, that ho one is allowed to see him. Grediere has observed him, including ESP. Who influenced him and why they can not be sure.

The evlf May Reva is hard to find. One grove and and 2 keys remain to be found befor a light chrystal can be built. Aoife reported the humans do not seem to be in war machine mode, and that the portal to thier world is still open. The festival is soon and they know bad things will happen,and that it may involve the king?

He believes that the elf army and church will come to thier aid in the war if they save the city from harm. He also believes this is part of the key to finding May Rava, whom his sister is becomeing more concentrated on by the day. Spells must be cast on the suspects and the coup uncovered, if thats what it is they are serching for. Comfortable, sleeping in forest for the first time in a week, he sleeps deep and dreams of battle!

Ethan dreams of combat with a Basilisk,his swords kill some while others are turned to stone by thier own gaze relflected by party mirrors and the shine on Boru’s shinning breast plate. The treasure type H is just beyond him when he wakes up.

Can the Reevers Mirror help them with the prince? Why does he dream of mirrors? A curse or a mind control spell? Feeblemind, Magic Jar, Cursed?

It was some Hags that had charmed the prince. The battle was tough, but the group prevailed and helped avoid a war here. The group then headed south to find the last of groves they would need to find May Reves. Here they fought a demon sent to kill them, and rescued their old freinds Claymore and Belowny. Belony gives them the last key. They leave these two in the forest because of trust issues the group has with Claymore’s sister.

Now they have travelled through a portal to some plane or other creation of magic. As he rests this night (or day, one can not tell here) he remembers the rooms they have travelled through killing ghostly Trolls and other strange creatures. He has been near death twice this day. Gredimier saved him from cirtain death against 5 trolls (he was sure the party was right behind him!) with a powerful new spell that caused confusion on the trolls. The second time he was nearly killed was when most of the group was nearing death. He took hits from a strange giant goblin like creature and this time was saved by Gretimiers rod of healing.

Tomorrow he may try out his shield!


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