Victor's Last Stand

Newautumn Week 4

The party returns to Lighthouse Abbey with the real mayor. Vessus Claymore pledges his forces to aid the real mayor and sends his troops to the North gate of the city to prepare for the forthcoming Orcish attack. Kuromane’s wife and general validate his identity as the real mayor; in fact, the doppleganger has been conspicuously absent for the last few days…

Ryan Virov has a request – the Kalyzti have been building a stronghold beneath the city for just such an invasion. Victor Virov has ordered the Kalyzti below; however, Ryan and the younger generation of warriors all feel compelled to fight for the city. He wants the party to come and sway Victor’s decision.

Travelling through the impressive subterrainean city, the group is ambushed and set upon by Jackalwere and Wolfwere that seem to be longstanding enemies of the Kalyzti. It would appear they’ve been hired by Titus, as the party arrives just in time to see Titus capture the crystal and teleport away. A werewolf Victor is set upon and killed by an Umberhulk. The doppleganger mayor reveals itself as a magical fusion of shadows that burst forth and attack the heroes.

Ryan has his wish – the Kalyzti are now his clan to rule, and they will fight for Cairnspeak. Their secret is also revealed – a lycanthrone like gene flows through their bloodline, although they are not cursed, diseased, or evil. However, this trait alienated them from the human’s of their old homeland Aethyl, hence their migration to Cairnspeak.

Following up on a comment from Titus, the party rushes back to the Abbey to stop Claymore from whatever he’s been planning.



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