Uruk Kur - Realm of the Beast (pt 3)

Newautumn Week 2-3 (Days 6-9)

The campaign at Uruk Kur finally came to an end, but not without excitement. Zilmar, equipped with Aoife’s Armor of Disguise, and a magically Orcish Gredamir decide to infiltrate Uruk Kur and rescue Ryan Virov. The rescue goes off without a hitch, as Z & G break Ryan out and send him down the river to safety. The plan almost goes off the rails as Z inadvertantly joins the battle between clan Ulgar and Kuluth over Ulgar’s missing champion. Gredamir sees the clan symbol appearing on Z’s armor and warns him to remain anonymous.

The party had asked Mylo of the Kalyzti to convey a message to Pirate Lara and reatain her services—this proves to be a wise move, as the party, rangers, and pirates sail right in to the Orcish Marina and beat down a reinforced locale. With the stronghold established, the group made its way up the hill to the giant scaled manor on the hill for an overnight assault.

Corgan Kutnar, one time nemesis of the group, is caught with his pants down, so to speak, and only has time to release a crashing wall of ice on the party before he is slain. A giant of the far north also falls quickly under sword and axe.

In the basement, a fourth crystal is discovered and destroyed. The archmage Titus magically travels away, and a surprising prisoner is rescued—Eric Kuromane, mayor of Cairnspeak. Boru claims the lost hammer of the Order of the Sun.

Who has been impersonating the mayor? Where is the last black crystal?

The horns sound, and the hordes of Uruk Kur march south…



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