Uruk Kur - Realm of the Beast (pt 2)

Newautumn Week 2 (Days 4-5)

Important info gained: a seventh ranger and a Kalyzti woman have joined the rangers at the designated meeting spot. She is of the bloodline of Alyona and is involved with Victor’s nephew Ryan although the patron will not sanction their union based on their differing clans. She has been using her magic to spy on the city.

A charmed half-ogre mage mentioned that a wizard named Titus is occupying the manor on the hill. He isn’t the direct leader of the city, but has been meeting with the clan leaders in Uruk Kur. There is evidence that the clans within Uruk Kur are often fighting on another.

Durk the Orog fought valiantly by the party’s side until a Mirrous (Steely Dan) Ogre split his skull in two.



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