Uruk Kur - Realm of the Beast (pt 1)

Newautumn Week 2 (Days 1-3)

Important info gained: the Lighthouse Abbey continues to upgrade and gather reinforcements. A distracted Claymore trades a map of Uruk Kur with the request of Yvan Kuromane’s lost journal in exchange. Astor, shaken and pale since being strangled by Estrid, goes into a convulsive trance and recites this augury in the voice of another girl: “The blood of the founder shall be the blood of the finisher. A new sun will rise from the deep black earth after many souls drench the soil of both shores.” She collapses, wrecked, an is unable to travel.

After the party aids a wolf against a group of evil wargs, they are led to a group of Kalyzti rangers. Victor’s nephew has been captured by orcs and is being held in the city. They note that a gray robed wizard on a flying steed has been coming and going from a manor in the north.

Kuromane’s lost journal tells of his family’s history with a joining ritual, in which they contacted a being from a “shadow realm” and offered human sacrifices in exchange to be bound with the lost shadow from the other world. Doing so would grant them enhanced powers and abilities but also inevitably drive them to madness. His notes indicate their plans to retreat to Cairnspeak and execute the ritual.


“A giants house, visited by a wizard on a flying mount. A great Lighthouse to explore as well? A frightning bridge that would bring us towards massive walls housing thousands of creatures… Which of these should we conqure first boys?’ Aoife askes the group with a nervous laugh. ‘Maybe time for an ambush, use some of our creative design, along the road near this bridge.” replies Ethan.


We need to question some local inhabitants before we enter any of these dangerous places!


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