Rolling Royal and the Rogue Elf of Blackhill

Newautumn Week 1

Important info gained: a third dark crystal has been found aboard the Wave’s Grace outside Blackhill. Zilmar’s uncle Zayman, a long time rogue of the sea, has been bankrolled by “Kuromane and his pet mage Titus” to capture and sacrifice seafarers to the dark crystal. His hopes of acquiring enough plunder to pay off his debts at Fesker’s and other old town haunts was dashed by the party, who smashed him into a pulp.

After sinking the galleon and returning to Cairnspeak about Pirate Lara’s Rolling Royal, the party received Kalyzti weapons from a grateful Victor Virov—not before a freshly undead Estrid returned to exact revenge on her twin. Estrid was killed and burned.


“taking down my uncle will avenge the death of my father but I will not stop here” – Z


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