Orcs, Misfits, & Reavers, Oh My!

Midautumn Week 1

Claymore has been tricked into smashing the light crystal that both illuminates the lighthouse on the hill and also seals the portal beneath the Abbey. It seems that Bellany has been used as a pawn to torment Vessus and force him to extremes in order to save her.

Titus also plans to return to the shadow realm, although not before forcing the party through to his world. He now sees them as a legitimate threat to his plans and is determined to keep an eye on them.

The party finds solace in the thick woods south of the portal cavern and watches as an army of monochromatic shadow men march through the portal and into the now unfortunately undefended Abbey. Millgard and Bellany are here, as is a beaten and restrained Claymore. Titus flies away on a dragon, north to the city that occupies the space that is the Halcyon Bay in the light world.

The party meets a monochromatic Orc, Uridon, who was evidently the champion of the Ulgar in the light world. Unwilling to follow any human, Uridon was seen as a threat by Titus and sent through the black crystal. Here, he finds himself changed into a champion for good and defends a city of misfits that didn’t travel well through the crystal.

At Uridon’s request, the party ventured into a village of ancient barbarians, long corrupted by the proximity of lost shadows. These reavers are now dark and evil creatures and, after being bested by the party in battle, yield the Mirror of True Seeing that Uridon has sought. Shadows try to bind themselves with the heores but are ultimately rejected.



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