Midautumn Week 2

After returning the Reavers’ Mirror to Uridon’s camp, the party is contacted by the transparent and flickering image of a blue wizard from Cairnspeak named Pyotr Glass – a wizard that has long since been dead in the heroes’ homeworld. Glass says he has the opportunity to contact the party while Titus is weakened from scrying them. He urges the party to move west of Lake Loramir into the Elven forest and to seek out Mayriva – she can help the party find thridium here and forge a new light crystal to re-block the portal to Cairnspeak.

The party defeats some freakish looking but seemingly sentient creatures and their umberhulk allies and claim a small shelter Uridon has advised them of. Here, they sit on the border of the Elven woods of Aluthenia and contemplate their plans as the snow begins to fall.



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